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Hey Pomelo is a company based in Canada that offers organic bibs, diaper bags, and more. Their selection includes a complete range of eco friendly products. 

Thirteen-month old Evan got to try two different dribble bibs, a feeding bib, and fleece washcloths.  The first comment that I, as Mr. Evan’s mama, want to state is that all the products are well made and super soft.  Organic cotton is definitely softer than non-organic cotton and the quality of the fabric in Hey Pomelo products stand out.


Dribble Bibs 

Both the dribble bibs have several cute designs.  Where the Reese bib style is of a rounded bib shape with a Velcro close, the Quinn bib is in the shape of a bandana (so cute!).  The outer organic cotton fabric is soft for the baby’s chin and neck, and the multiple layers of the bib provide a thick barrier between saliva/drink/food and clothes.  Thebandana bib is definitely something different than most of the bibs out there.  Evan would have looked great drooling with style during his earlier months when swallowing saliva was a completely unaccomplished skill.   Now, as a 13-month old, the bandana bib is great for extra drools during teething and just chewing on toys or the good stuff like mommy's keys.  Plus, Evan can throw on his bandana as an easy accessory when he feels his outfit needs a little more flavor!

The Quinn bib closes around the neck with a wooden button that can be slipped through a slit in the fabric for a tighter fit or using an elastic loop for a more flexible, larger close.  It opens into a square and I imagine it can be used as a handkerchief as he grows out of the bib.  When worn, the fabric from both bibs does bunch under my 13-month old’s chin; however, Evan does not mind it at all (probably because it is so soft).


Feeding bib

The Avery bib is made well and of good quality.  It is wide and long, which is great because I have bibs that are not long enough so they come over the high chair tray.  The bib is made of three layers of fabric, including outer organic cotton and inner fleece (same fleece as the Hey Pomelo fleece washcloths).  The multiple layers make this bib feel thick and they accomplish the job of absorbing fluid that land on his chest.  

What I love about this bib are the elastic shoulder straps.  The straps keep the bib in place.  Evan likes to tug at his bib sometimes, but those straps do not allow the bib to move around and distract his eating or lose its purpose as a protector of his clothes.  Plus, the side of the elastic straps that would touch the baby's back is lined with a soft fabric.  Hey Pomelo's attention to detail is evident.  I have to think that the baby's comfort was always kept in mind during the design and craftsmanship of their products.  

The fabric that ties the bib around the neck is wide and it helps to create a bow/knot that stays in place.  I have used polyester bibs with thin ties.  The polyester ties always slip when I'm cinching a knot down and sometimes the bow loosens, resulting in a wider neck opening.  After trying a few times to fix the bow with polyester bibs, I give up and Evan eats with space between his neck and bib and that is an open invitation for food stains on his shirt collar.  Once you make a bow with the wide cotton tie of the Hey Pomelo feeder bib, it stays in place.  The neck opening is still a slightly too large for my 13-month old, but it is sure to last until it does fit closer.


Polyfleece washcloths

The Seamus shammies or recycled polyfleece (polyester fleece made from recycled material, including plastic bottles) washcloths come in packs of three and seven 9-inch squares.  They are very, very soft!  I was initially hesitant about their abilty to clean messes sufficiently, but after using them I was pleasantly surprised!

Evan is still using his hands to feed himself and that makes messy hands, mouth and sometimes hair and ears.  He is not a big fan of his face being wiped - whether it's a paper towel or regular cotton washcloth wet with warm or cold water.  He has been getting better about it, but when using these fleece washcloths, he definitely does not make a fuss!  I gave his face a few extra wipes to see if he really didn’t mind and he didn’t.  Wow!  I wish I had these when we first started solids and wiped his face daily.  In addition to its uber softness, the fleece washcloths dry quickly that I can hand wash it after a meal and hang it to dry for the next meal.  

The fleece washcloths work well in the bath, too.  Because they’re so soft, it may not have enough texture to scrub a really messy baby, but it is definitely great for a newborn or an infant with sensitive skin.  They also hold up well in the wash.  Pills do not form after multiple washes and there’s no loose string that have unthreaded from the washcloth (like some cotton washcloths).


Buy it!

You can purchase gorgeous Hey Pomelo products from their website or on Etsy. Their online catalogue lists a huge selection of their high-quality baby products such as the Avery bib we reviewed which would be fantastic for arts&crafts projects or food-happy babies, and their super soft washcloths which are just $10.  They also offer shea butter soapspeppermint lip balm, and custom monogrammed diaper bags. In addition, they currently oare offering a great sale with 25% off their diaper bags and free US&CAN shipping! Order now for your favorite wee one.


Disclaimer: we received a set of products from Hey Pomelo to review free of charge in exchange for our opinions. No monetary compensation was exchanged between the company and Natural Mom Reviews. 


About the author:

Ji-Eun is a stay-at-home mom to a sweet, sensitive, and observant 13-month old boy.  It has been amazing watching him develop and grow into walking and a ba-ba-ba-ing little person!  As parents, we want the best for our children and I rely on reviews when selecting products for my baby boy.  I hope you find the reviews on this website helpful for your careful and thoughtful purchases for your sweet children. 

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