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Eco baby wipes by Hey Pomelo!


I’m new to the fairly new to the cloth diapering world, and while I admit I was pretty overwhelmed by all the lingo and different selections of diapers, wipes, cleaning solutions, etc, I just kept reading and learning what I could. Seriously, if you would have asked me a few months ago what PUL or what an AOI was I would have had the most confused look of my face! Hehe…But now that I have done my research I am starting to figure out what might be best for us; what we would all like as a family, what is most reasonable, affordable, and I am starting to build my collection primarily on those very things. Also, there are many different factors to consider while cloth diapering & from what I have learned thus far, there is a craft to it, and I want to be prepared the best I can :)


With that being said, I must add this: not all poop is created equal. Laugh, but whether you have chose to cloth diaper or not, you know this is true!


We have tried our fair share of smaller 1 ply wipies, and have had decent results, but they just aren’t as soft or absorbent as some! Some don’t clean up as easy, and there is a big difference between a dirty diaper from a breastfeed baby, bottle fed & a baby/toddler on solids so finding wipes that could be used for all three, seemed like a dead end. THEN, I found a place on Etsy who makes just what I am looking for in a wipe! Hey Pomelo! They make eco-friendly wipes from recycled poly fleece! This quick drying fabric resists stains and smells; is tough enough to withstand both messy cleanups and powerful wash cycles; yet remains soft enough for baby’s tender skin! :D

I heard through the grapevipe that they also make amazing washcloths, so we separated our pack to try a little of both!

I will report that at first glance (or touch) my husband was not fond of the texture of dry fleece, but we won’t be using them dry (We have a wipe solution recipe that we dip our wipes into, ring out then and there before the diaper change is performed) so that shouldn’t be a problem for us!

I am extremely pleased with the durability of these wipes and I know that we will be able to get a lot of use out of them.
These retail for only $9.75 for a 7 pack of 9X9 wipes! You really can’t beat that!

To get your own set click here & be sure to visit them on Facebook!

Have a great week!


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