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In my search for organic baby bibs that are made in Canada, I came across the greatest company ‘Hey Pomelo’. Independently owned and operated, Hey Pomelo makes all of their products out of Toronto. Brand new to the baby scene, this shop just opened this year - but with products like these, I’m sure they won’t be a small shop for long!

When I opened my package from Hey Pomelo - I’m pretty sure the first words out of my mouth were “Oh my gosh - these are ADORABLE!” I think a two second visit to and you would agree!

So let’s dive into my review of the products. They are super cute, but do they do the job?

The Reese Dribble Scarf

This product is made with a super-soft organic printed cotton front and two layers of bamboo providing three total layers of maximum absorbency. The cut of the scarf is actually really great for newborns or teethers who tend to dribble down their chins as it’ll catch spills before they make their way down baby’s neck and under the bib. The velcro fastner on the back makes for easy on and off. Both sides of the scarf are completely wearable - either pattern or plain because of how well the product is sewn. In terms of the pattern - I got the Rousseau, it’s adorable. I think it will be a hit for any hipster parent out there. Retail: $15

The Casey Dribble Bib

You’re going to hear me say this a lot in this review - but seriously, the pattern on these bibs is again, super super cute! And they are so soft, I have never felt a bib this soft! The Casey Dribble is more along the lines of your typical bib shape, a little bit more space around the neck than the Reese Dribble Scarf. This one has an organic cotton front and a soft, with a recycled polyfleece backing. The fleece makes it quite absorbent and is really soft against baby’s body. The nice velcro closure in the back makes it simple to put on and take off baby. Sewn really well so you can wear it either pattern up or pattern down. Retail: $16

Seamus Baby Wipes

These super soft wipes are made from lightweight and extremely absorbent recycled polyfleece. I was curious to see how long they would take to dry, but the fabric is actually very quick to dry, and I really soaked it. I was also impressed by how much moisture it can suck up and still remain very soft to touch. It’s your average 9x9” square. I like to hang a lot of my laundry out - and most of you who also do this will acknowledge that terry cloth and cottons tend to get really stiff and rough when left outside to wind dry. The nice thing about the polyfleece is that after a wash, it keeps its softness, even if dried outside. Retail: $10 for a pack of 7 cloths

Sasha Burp Cloths

These burp cloths are incredible - I haven’t seen anything quite so high quality on the market, and I have looked! Instead of having to wrestle with your typical burp cloth, that is most likely one layer of cotton and is easily leaked through. These burp cloths are 3 layers of absorbent material - the top is your 100% organic cotton, there is polyfleece in the middle for absorption and finally organic bamboo velour on the other side. They are so absorbent I wouldn’t have a problem wearing a fancy shirt or dress while burping baby if I’m using one of these. They fit on the shoulder really well - like a little saddle for your shoulder that gets wider on the sides and narrow where your neck is. Because the bamboo is breathable, it’s not even hot to keep on your shoulder. I honestly don’t see my diaper bag ever being without one of these burp cloths in it. Again, I need to mention that the patterns on the material are unbelievably adorable - I’m a sucker for little birds right now. Retail: $26 for 2 cloths

Four fantastic products from one brand new Canadian retailer, Hey Pomelo. I definitely give these products two thumbs WAY up and I recommend to anyone who is looking for organic baby items that are made in Canada and are quality products.

For more information, to see their catalogue and to purchase products visit their website and check out their great merchandise. They offer discounts for multiple purchases.

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