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I saw this post going around a few weeks ago showing the inside of a nasal bulb full of mold, which was a bit shocking and gross to be sure. The comments for the most part seemed to lean towards throwing out all nasal bulbs, in fear of spreading that mold into your baby's nose.  A pretty normal reaction in my mind.  However, those bulbs can be pretty useful and a natural way to relieve their poor little stuffed up noses.  I am generally against wasting things and will try pretty hard to clean or fix anything before I head for the garbage can.  So, my latest salvage was that dirty little bulb and the squeezy bath toys that are much loved, but prone to an unpleasant looking bit of darkness inside.

Here is the result:

#1. Round up the offensive bulbs and toys, pull out your trusty baking soda and lemon juice.  

 #2. Place baking soda in a bowl and add lemon juice, I used a ratio of 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup lemon juice.  As soon as they are mixed together, squeeze out the air in your bulb/toys and fill up with the foaming mixture.

#3. Once all your toys are full, let them hang out in the bowl for a bit to allow the foaming action to work its magic. Now fill the bowl with warm water and let sit for about 1/2 an hour to really loosen things up.

#4. Victoriously squeeze and squeeze to release all the gunk from inside, using a pipe cleaner if necessary to remove any stubborn bits

And Ta Da.... Squeaky clean!

Now stand back and marvel at the thrilling ickiness of what came out of those things and vow that in the future you will do a routine mold fighting regiment of rinsing after each use with a natural mold fighting mixture of lemon juice and water, or water and tea tree oil. Check out this link for more info on natural mold fighting techniques. Oh, and try to look away from this last shot of what was inside...



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