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In designing Hey Pomelo products, we searched far and wide to source the best quality fabrics possible.  Not only are they fabulous to look at and touch, they also exceed our criteria for absorbency and ease of care .  Our goal is to make products that can hold up to whatever baby throws (up) at it and, with the proper care, will last for years to come.   Many of our products are made with organic cotton (meeting the GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard and/or the OE 100 Organic Exchange Standard) and bamboo (carrying the Oeko-Tex Standard Certification).

Organic Cotton
Conventionally-grown cotton uses only 3% of the world's farmland, but uses 25% of the world's chemical pesticides.  Conventional cotton is also a large user of herbicides, fungicides and defoliants. During processing, it is treated with chlorine bleach, heavy metal dyes and formaldehyde resins, which can cause health problems and environmental damage.  Rather than relying on these harsher soil and plant treatments, organic cotton farming starts from the ground up, using compost, frequent crop rotation and cover crop strategies to keep the soil healthy and productive.  Organic cotton fabric is fabulously soft and absorbent, and can be printed in a myriad of different shades and patterns.

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, with some varieties growing an astonishing 4 feet per day.  Once a bamboo plant is harvested, it will regrow quickly, and can be then harvested yearly. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties and is therefore inherently disease and pest resistant, making it an ideal plant for organic growing.  A hearty plant that grows easily in harsher environments, bamboo has the ability to grow quickly in land that has been depleted by overgrazing and toxic runoff.  With such rapid growth, bamboo forests create a dense and lush canopy, returning 30% more oxygen to the air than a treed forest, cleaning the air and soil as it grows.

Aside from its obvious environmental benefits, bamboo fabric is a bit of a wonder on its own.  It is highly wearable with a soft silky texture, and holds its shape and feel beautifully.  Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties making it ideal for baby clothes and accessories.  It is extremely absorbent and fast drying.

Recycled Poly-Cotton Fleece
Our baby shammies and feeding bibs incorporate an incredibly soft poly-fleece fabric made with 30% recycled material.  This fleece resists staining and smells, is extremely absorbent and maintains its shape and feel for many washes.  We love it on the feeding bibs as it is a fantastic moisture block that traps liquids easily, keeping clothes clean and dry.  Its ultra-soft texture also makes this fabric a perfect fit for baby wipes and washcloths; soft enough for baby’s tender skin, yet sturdy enough for messy mealtime cleanups.

Caring for your Hey Pomelo products:
All our cottons have been washed and preshrunk before sewing to ensure maximum shape and color retention.  To keep your fabrics fresh (and reduce your ecological footprint), we recommend machine washing with cold water and then either laying flat, hanging to dry, or tumble drying on low heat. 

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