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I knew before my son was born that babies had a tendency to drool and spit up.  What really surprised me, was the amount of liquid that could show up throughout the day, and the duration of the problem.  For little Q, the drooling started around 4 months, and was still part of his daily life at over 18 months.   During heavy teething, he could easily soak through six or more bibs in a day.  It seemed like no matter how many times I changed the bib, it just always looked wet.  Besides the unpleasant look of wet bibs, I was concerned about the dampness constantly plaguing the collars of his shirts.  His little neck was always wet and chafed, as were his chin and cheeks.   So I started making bibs for him to try to deal with the problem.
I really wanted to make something that looked more like an accessory than a bib, a baby scarf of sorts.  I found that having the fabric drape a little at the neck really worked to absorb the liquid right away, closer to the source, which really helped keep everything else nice and dry.  After coming up with cute and functional design I started an eight month long search for the perfect fabric combination (It's safe to say it bordered on obsessive).  Right away I fell in love with all of the adorable organic cotton prints that are available on the market today.  Unfortunately, the nature of these cottons is to shrink and excessively wrinkle over time.  I tried one combination after another, searching for that magic combo that would ensure the bibs looked great after multiple washes and trips through the dryer.
The solution turned out to be bamboo.  With its natural silky soft texture, bamboo drapes wonderfully and is both lightweight and absorbent.  Bamboo also has a natural antibacterial property and is quick drying.  What a great combination for baby bibs, just hang to dry for an hour or so, and reuse.
For both our Reese and Quinn style bibs we use a lovely, soft organic cotton print.  The prints have been very carefully chosen for their adorable pattern, but also for their ability to absorb liquid discretely, these bibs can be quite wet without looking it.  For the backing, we use silky smooth bamboo velour.  The organic fabric makes for the softest, most natural feel you can get your hands on.  This is a great solution for those days when constant face and nose wiping is required.  No chafing and no harsh synthetic fibers, just super soft bibs handmade with love, from the fabric to the finish.  

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09 June, 2014

Rob O'Neill

Hi there! I want you to know that I enjoy reading this post of yours! Most parents were looking for that too “more like an accessory than a bib” that’s why dribble bibs and bandana bibs are so popular nowadays. Well, I definitely learn something from you. Good job! I hope there’s more aside from this! Thank you.

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