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I first heard about BeadforLife when my Mom hosted a party.  I was instantly hooked on the shea butter products and loved the colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces.  I liked them even more when I heard the story behind BeadforLife.  They are a non profit organization based out of Colorado that helps lift women and their families out of poverty throughout war-torn Uganda.

Members in southern Uganda make beautiful handcrafted jewelry from recycled paper, while farmers collect shea nuts to sell to BeadforLife.  Members are able to become financially self sufficient in as little as 18 months.  Many are able to start new businesses, create new revenue streams and begin agricultural endeavors.  BeadforLife uses funds generated from the sale of its jewelry and shea products to provide training, facilitate saving accounts, and make business funds available to women throughout impoverished Uganda.
We support Beadforlife products for obvious reasons, but why shea butter for babies?
Shea butter is an extremely mild and nutrient rich natural moisturizer, amazing for all manner of skin care and treatments, including but not limited to:

· Working as an intensive, reparative moisturizer for dry or damaged skin
· Relieving dry scalp - especially great for cradle cap
· Soothing diaper rashes and skin irritations
· Soothing and repairing sunburned skin
· Softening dry and cracking or itchy skin
· Minimizing scarring - great preventative and restorative treatment for stretch marks

Shea butter is also great for acne prone skin (as it moisturizes without blocking pores), healing cuts, relieving dandruff… and the list goes on and on.  One could nickname this stuff ‘magic salve’ (a term my dad used for some mystery cream he used to give me as a kid, I think it was mostly a placebo affect).  Beadforlife shea butter is sustainably harvested, and is a pure high quality product.   

We here at Hey Pomelo encourage you to visit the BeadforLife website and check out some of their other great products, as well as read some of their heartwarming success stories.  I think their very simple slogan really encapsulates perfectly what they are trying to do... "Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good."

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