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This story is really about my amazing mother, a grandma of eight and the original creator of our beautiful Pomelo Tote bags.  She has been an accomplished seamstress for as long as I can remember, and has always enjoyed sharing her craft with others.  When my cousins started having babies a few years ago , my mom started making diaper bags for all of them.  At first they were simple heavy canvas or denim bags,  and over time they slowly became more involved.  Each one had a slightly different look and soon embroidered names and monograms were added.  Years passed, more babies came along and soon most of the kids around had their own custom embroidered diaper bag from my mom.  These bags became treasured gifts and conversation pieces at all the family events.  Those early models have aged beautifully and have now become overnight bags, great for toting around books, clothes, game consoles and many other essentials for today's rapidly growing children.

By the time our little Q came along, Mom was a pro.  She made him a matching set, a large and a small tote (just like the ones on our site), with a lining that matched the blinds in his room (also made by my mom).  I loved the bags so much, and received so many comments and compliments that it made me start to think… these wonderful bags should be available to everyone.
So for our first diaper bag offering, we (together with Mom) decided to copy the classic style of the totes made for our little Q.  The large Pomelo Tote (nicknamed "Max") is simple and lightweight, yet sturdy and extremely functional.  There is one zippered pocket on the inside, along with two nice sized elastic topped pockets for diapers, snacks and just about anything else you might need to bring along.  Two mesh cylinder pockets are tucked neatly towards the inside ends of each bag, easily accommodating a large water bottle for parents and a bottle or sippy cup for baby.  An outer pocket completes the bag, allowing for quick access to keys, cell phones or even a small tablet or e-reader.

What I really like about this bag are the fabrics we use; the outer shell is a thin, yet extremely durable nylon backed canvas paired with a soft and colourful organic cotton lining.  Even when packed to the brim,  the bag doesn’t take up too much space and is light and easy to carry around.  When needed, it will accommodate a surprising amount of baby paraphernalia; toys, blankets, snacks, changing pad etc.
The Wee Pomelo Tote (nicknamed "Taylor") is a smaller version and is great for quick outings where just a change of clothes and a few knick-knacks are required.  This is really a great bag for kids of any age and works beautifully as a library or after school activity bag.  
Our Pomelo Totes are unique.  You choose the lining and coordinating outer colour, while optional monograms or full name embroidery complete the one of kind look that sets each bag apart.  Each tote bag is made to order for one special baby or child.  Since the linings are colourful and light hearted without an overly infantile look (just like our bibs), this is a diaper bag that can easily evolve with your child's needs for many years to come.

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