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A recent bout of diaper rash on little Q gave me an excuse to try making a batch of natural salve using calendula flowers.  Based on shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil, this salve was surprisingly simple to pull off.  It turned out fantastically and quickly became the cure all for every skin issue in the house (well for me anyway). The shea butter makes for a rich creamy mix that melts on contact, the beeswax lends a great moisture barrier for tender healing skin, while the addition of calendula really boosts the healing properties .  The recipe is as follows, hope you love it as much as we do.

 Shea Butter Calendula Cream - AKA a pretty amazing natural salve

Yields just under 1 cup 

¼ cup (2 oz/60g) coconut oil

¼ cup dried calendula petals (can substitute with 5-10 drops of calendula essential oil)

½ cup (2 oz/60g) grated beeswax 

½ cup  (4oz/120 g) shea butter

¼ vanilla bean (or your favorite essential oil)

5 drops sandalwood essential oil

5-10 drops vitamin E

First collect or purchase the calendula flowers, do not wash them!  Lay out flat to dry and let sit for 4-5 days or until completely dry, pluck off all the petals and place in a glass jar.  Melt coconut oil and pour over petals, seal and let sit, preferably in a warm spot like a windowsill for at least a week.  (for a quick version of this infuse oil in a low heat crock pot for 6-8 hours)


Once infused, place oil and petals (or strain first, your call) in a heat proof bowl, and set over a pot of simmering water.  Stir in the beeswax, shea butter and scent additions.  I had a limited selection around for the essential oil, so I improvised with some vanilla bean for a soft soothing smell.  The vanilla did add a great scent and the finished salve smelled a bit like white chocolate ganache.

Once the whole thing is melted and smooth, strain out all the bits and stir in the vitamin E.  Whisk vigorously to combine, pour into jars and pop them in the fridge.  After an hour or so, your salve will be set and ready to use, stored at room temperature.  This salve is not only great for diaper rash,but for the whole family, with rashes, burns, scars etc all benefiting from the healing effects of calendula, coconut oil and shea butter.




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25 May, 2014


How many of ounces of beeswax is 1/2 cup grated? I have the pellets and need to know how much of it to use. Can you weight the beeswax and let me know?

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